“THE TOBACCO WAREHOUSES OF THESSALONIKI, The architectural heritage of tobacco during the 20th century”.

A color a bilingual publication of 451 pages

of the publishing house UNIVERSITY STUDIO PRESS and the HATPI

(Hellenic Association of the Tobacco Processing Industries)

which is the result of a four year field investigation and research of documents and archives by

Dr Sofia Gkouvousi (Architect of AUTH) and

Spyridon Tavlikos (Architect of AUTH with post-graduate studies)


The book presents and analyses the 88 tobacco warehouses that have been rescued to date, constituting the evidence of the economic activity that dominated during the development of Thessaloniki and Greece in general.

Rich iconographic material, original and largely unpublished, enriches one’s memories of tobacco in Thessaloniki.

Accompanying the presentation of each building is a plan of the building and the corresponding location is indicated by a dot on a map of Thessaloniki.

The urban and architectural analysis of the buildings completes the scientific documentation of the significance of their preservation and the memories that they carry over the years.


Publications and presentations of the book and the research concerning the tobacco warehouses of Thessaloniki have taken place in many cities, institutions and events.

For example:

  • 🗸 In Thessaloniki, Athens, Kavala and in Xanthi.
  • 🗸 In the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, ΗAROKOPIO University and University of Macedonia.
  • 🗸 At the conference of protection of the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Studies of AUTH (2019) and the conference of tobacco of the Institute of Social Movements & Tobacco History (2018)
  • 🗸At the 16th book exhibition of Thessaloniki’s International Fair (2019)
  • 🗸 At the International Archives Day in ELIA (Greek Literary and Historical Archive) of Thessaloniki (2017)

Publications in print media (newspapers, magazines, websites etc.) are available online.


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The industrial heritage of our city is non-negotiable.

Tobacco warehouses can constitute the NEW OPPORTUNITY of THESSALONIKI.

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