We are architects, but we will always be engineers as well!

Every project is another challenge!

  • NSRF project consultants
  • Architectural sketches
  • Supervisions
  • Inspections
  • Color proposals
  • Photorealistic representations
  • Store operating licenses
  • Housing market advice
  • Site plans
  • Architectural decoration proposals
  • Construction project budgets
  • Social Insurance Institute’s projects management

We are HERE to listen to your needs and to serve you in the way you really want!



For us, research is not only a way of expression; it is also a way to counterbalance the strict and bureaucratic reality.

Having successfully completed the 4-year research project concerning the architectural and urban dimension of the tobacco warehouses of Thessaloniki, a result of the invitation and commissioning of the Hellenic Association of Tobacco Processing and Trading Companies, we are active in raising awareness and informing our audience about the necessity of rescuing and preserving the memory not only of tobacco trade activity but also of the buildings that house this activity in the urban fabric of our city.

Thessaloniki constituted a TOBACCO CAPITAL during the second half of the 20th century and it is our duty to use this advantage as a lever of growth in the 21st century.



Greece is the only European country that has not yet completed its Land Registry.

Our architectural practice undertakes declarations of new property rights as well as corrections on declarations concerning your property.

The procedure is perfectly adjusted to your needs and we are sure that you will be satisfied by our services.

We are HERE to listen to your specific situation and to offer services in the way you really want!



From 30/6/2021, properties must have an electronic identity.

With our experience in managing the electronic services of the Technical Chamber of Greece, our practice responsibly undertakes the issuance of the electronic identity of your property, in a discreet but also absolutely professional way.

We are HERE to listen to your needs and to serve you in the way you really want!



The energy footprint of the building is now part of its identity. Its energy class accompanies the property in its rentals and transfers, while the energy upgrade of the building is now requisite during its renovation.

Our practice has complete experience in the field of real estate energy certification as it has a C class degree and certification from the Technical Chamber of Greece concerning the conduction of autopsies on building projects of any size and use.

The hundreds of energy certificates we have issued since 2012 are a reward for our persistence in investing in real estate energy issues.



Law 4495/17, with its amendments, constitutes the legal framework through which constructions before 11/06/2011 can be arranged after the payment of a fine.

Our experience in this field is huge, having undertaken hundreds of completed projects throughout Northern Greece.

Professionalism and discretion are the two components of our success and the reason that our clients prefer and recommend us.

We are HERE to listen to your problem and to serve you in the way you really want!



The issuance of a building permit is the legal process citizens use in order to carry out construction works.

The issuance of a building permit does not only refer to the unambiguous role of the “issuance”, it also encompasses the entire procedure, beginning with the preliminary project plan (drafts), continuing with the definite project plan (usually synonymous with the issuance of the building permit) and ends with the detailed project plan (i.e. the construction of the project).

Issuing a building permit is not something that need concern you.

Of greater concern should be if what you are getting the building permit for, is what you really want and fits you!



The home, the holiday home, the office are some of the spaces that house our daily needs.

They are spaces that exist in our dreams and in order to be realistic require effort from your side and correct design and supervision from our side.

Skill, knowledge, responsibility, ideas, passion and a lot of work are some of the elements required to support you.

This is the role that engineers, and especially architects, have in society in order to help you fulfill your dreams and vision for a better life!

Remember that…. a project is special when its creator is special as well.

We are HERE to listen to your needs and to suggest the solution that fits you the best!